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Open House
Open house is held in February and October and gives you the opportunity to hear more about the Bachelor educations, Visuel Hf, The Drawing Academy, to watch bachelorfilms and to get a guided tour around The Animation Workshop.

Next open house is: Thursday, October 12 2017

Preliminary schedule

15.00 Welcome to The Animation Workshop
15:15 Presentation on Character Animation and CG Arts
15.15 Presentation on Visual Hf
16.15 Presentation on The Drawing Academy
16.15 Presentation on Graphic Storytelling
15.00-18.00 Tours, portfolio reviews, TAW Shop, more

If you for some reason can't attend open house you are always welcome to visit the school.
Contact Nathalie Hentze Nielsen (nahn@via.dk) to join in on the next available tour.


The Animation Workshop has great experience with making workshops for all age groups.
A workshop can be made with or without the guided tour.

It could be a workshop in, for example:
  • Classical drawing
  • Comics
  • Manga
  • Animation
Contact us for information about prices and to hear more about the different workshops.

Do you have any questions about tours og workshop, or wish to sign up for either one or both things, please see contact info below.

Workshop as a gift? See more here.