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Visa and Residency Matters

Nordic and EU/EEA Citizens
Nordic citizens, as well as EU/EEA and Swiss citizens seeking residence in Denmark based on the EU rules on freedom of movement, are free to live, study and work in Denmark. EU/EEA and Swiss citizens must register with the Danish regional authority – Statsforvaltningen – upon arrival; Nordic citizens must register at the municipality (Borgerservice).The staff at The Animation Workshop will help assist you with arranging your registration certificate. More information about EU/EEA and Nordic citizens

Non- EU/EEA Citizens
All students from outside the EU/EEA need a residence permit which must be applied for prior to your arrival in Denmark.

If you are admitted to the programme, we will send you an invoice for the tuition fee for the first 2 semesters of the course (for fees and scholarship options, see here).

The application process will only be initiated after we have registered your payment for the tuition for the first study year. After receiving the payment, we will fill out the school’s part of an online application form and send you the link to complete the student’s part. Please note that there is a service fee to be paid to the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration, before you can access your part of the form.

Please also note that you must hand in biometric data for your residence card no later than 14 days after submitting the completed application. It can be a time consuming process to register for the biometrics; you may want to research for the nearest option and waiting times in advance. You can read more about the demands for the biometric data and where to register for them here.

Please note that applying for and receiving a students’ residence permit can take between 2 and 3 months!
The current service goal of the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration is to process all applications within 2 months upon completing the application. This means that all data, including biometrics, must be submitted at least 2 months before you need the permit!

You can find a detailed description of the application process and requirements here

Registering for Danish Social Security number (CPR) and Danish Health Insurance scheme
According to Danish law regarding public health insurance, paragraph § 1 stk. 3, all new residents to Denmark are obligated to have personal health insurance coverage the first six weeks of their stay in Denmark. Citizens of the Faroe Islands or Greenland are not included and have the rights for health insurance immediately after their settlement. Nordic and EU/EEA citizens also have equal rights.

Upon arrival, you must register at the municipality (Borgerservice) in order to receive a Danish CPR-number, which is the key to all public registration and services, including tax, opening bank-account etc. Furthermore, the CPR-number will guarantee free public health insurance for the entirety of your stay, after the first six weeks. More information can be found here.