Special effectsSpecial effects

Study Environment

The Animation Workshop’s many activities are generally very international as teachers, students, course participants, artists in residence and staff members come from all over the world.

The VFX course welcomes course participants from many EU countries and the atmosphere in the class room is as such very culturally diverse which brings to life a dynamic interaction among the students.

The VFX course takes place on The Animation Workshop campus in a classroom specially set up for the students. Everyone has his/her own work station with all the equipment needed, exactly as in a studio. Students and teachers have access to the room at all hours of the day.

A typical school day starts at 9:00 and ends at 17:00; including an hour for lunch. Mornings are usually reserved for lectures and demos prepared by the teacher, and afternoons are spent working on specific exercises. The teacher will also lead the class through regular “dailies” during which the teacher critiques the students’ work and generally discusses developments within the class. It is naturally expected that the students meet assignment deadlines set by the teacher. This will mean a good amount of homework during evenings and weekends, and we do as such not recommend students to take on any freelance work for the duration of the course.

Activities on campus
After school activities vary from week to week, but will normally entail free access to life drawing classes, various sports activities, morning dance, movie nights and TAW Talks which is a regularly recurring event during which one or more of our currently in-house teachers talk about a specific topic, show personal projects, and/or generally talk about their career. Apart from this, the student party committee regularly organizes Friday Pub Nights in the school’s very own pub (Hôgni) and various theme parties a few times a year. Furthermore, the students on the VFX course traditionally organize class dinners and weekend trips to see other parts of Denmark.