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The fee for the VFX course, which you can find on the main page, does not include housing and living costs. Housing will amount to 2200-3000 DKK per month. Living expenses will vary from person to person, but we normally advice our course participants that daily living costs will amount to 100-150 EUR per week.

The Animation Workshop first and foremost offers housing and/or travel scholarships to VFX course participants from Eastern European EU countries, but in special cases course participants from other EU countries, and also non-EU countries, will be taken into consideration as well. If you wish to apply for a travel, course fee and/or accommodation scholarship, please submit a separate scholarship application using the link below the course application form. Please make sure that you have applied to the actual course, before submitting a scholarship application.

There are 3 different types of scholarships:
  • Travel : TAW covers your travel to and from Viborg at the beginning and end of the course.
  • Housing : TAW covers your housing expenses during the course (rent, utilities).
  • Course fee : TAW waives part of, or the full, course fee.

  • You can apply for multiple categories, but please be realistic of what you need. Some applicants rely completely on a scholarship to be able to attend the course.