Lumber Jack forestLumber Jack forest

The Lumber Jack

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Deep in the woods a lumberjack and his team work to the rhythm of their joyous working melody. However, this melody is soon to be disturbed by the introduction of new technology and the Lumberjack must now face the violent consequences alone.

Idea, Direction & Character Design: Laura Büchert Schjödt

Storyboard: Sarah-Mia T. Nielsen, Laura Büchert Schjødt

Backgrounds: Per Klausen, Louise Bergholt Sørensen

Animation: Sarah-Mia T. Nielsen, Laura Büchert Schjødt, Louise Bergholt Sørensen, Per Klausen, Frederik Villumsen

Voices: Fellow workers: Jeppe Lindstrøm, LumberJack: Simon Broe Flytkjær

Music/Sound: Thomas Richard Christensen, Lykke Søndergaard Kristensen, Laura Büchert Schjødt

Supervisors: Michelle Nardone

Production: Tod Polson

Direction: Alex Williams

Animation: Katrine Talks

Thank you: Morten Thorning, Svend Rothmann Bonde, Jeanette Nørgaard, Isaak Kerlow, Jason Guest, Rune Ryberg

Lumber Jack

The Lumberjack
The Lumberjack