The Fox SistersThe Fox Sisters

The Fox Sisters

The Fox Sisters still
The Fox Sisters is based on a true story about the three sisters who worked as spiritual mediums in the 1850’s. We witness their stormy relationship at it’s breaking point.

Stine Nymand Svensson, Elianna Morningstar Hansen

Based on original idea by:
Laura Büchert Schjødt

Animation: Stine Nymand Svensson, Elianna Morningstar Hansen, Martin Bested, Jeanette Nørgaard, Katrine Killerich Poulsen

Additional Concept Art: Martin Bested

Voice Actors: Patricia Ryan: Leah, Olivia Hansen: Maggie as Adult, Maggie as Child, Katie as Adult,Stine Nymand Svensson: Katie as Child, Tod Polson: Questioning Man, Elianna Morningstar Hansen: Screaming Woman

Original Music by: Nicolai Kornerup Sound: Thomas Ahlmark. Thomas Richard Christensen Technical Support: Thomas Ahlmark, Thomas Richard Christensen, Svend Nordby

Supervisor: Tod Polson

Direction: Michelle Nardone

Production: Alex Williams

Animation: Jason Guest

Compositing: Katrine Talks

Thanks to:
Mogens Rukov, Karen Molin, Rune Ryberg, Den Gamle By, KAU06, Tina Jensen, Michelle Meeker, Ditte Svensson, Morten Thorning

The Fox Sisters

The Fox Sisters still
The Fox Sisters still