Teaching methods

"I highly recommend The Animation Workshop and its values. It provides you with great tools to be creative."

Anders, Character Animation student
The individual as the centre
The Animation Workshop offers an education founded on a philosophy of self-awareness and acknowledgement of personal strengths, weaknesses and career goals. The student is first and foremost an individual on a life path, not merely an anonymous student fulfilling the requirements of a system.

Following their education, many of our students will become our colleagues in years to come. Throughout the program, we encourage strong relationship building and mutual respect among our faculty, staff and students even when perspectives differ.

Learning styles
The program introduces all students to the Multiple Intelligences Theory of Dr. Howard Gardner and begin to explore the concept of learning styles. These theoretical perspectives help put the students at ease as they grasp the many possibilities of learning that exist and how to use their style of learning to succeed. The students will gain an insight into their learning processes and, by extension, become better acquainted with themselves.

This approach builds self-confidence and allows students to optimize their own learning potential, helping them move from where they are to where they want to be, ultimately growing into who they want to become both personally and professionally.

We expect our students to take responsibility for their education and engage their own potential, and these theoretical underpinnings help them achieve exactly that.

Team spirit
The program underlines the importance of professionalism and constructive critique in the educational setting. These skills are particularly essential for the team environment that characterizes most productions in the industry.

Effective communication, flexibility, an open-minded approach to creation and collaboration, and a commitment to lifelong learning are all indispensable concepts for the working life in the animation industry.