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Summer Courses

One-week courses in classical drawing, architectural drawing, comics and animation.

In 2018 we will be running three courses - in classical drawing, animation for beginners and comic creation. The courses will run in the second week of July, Monday July 9th - Sunday July 15th.

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Since all the classes are taught at The Animation Workshop, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet and have fun with participants from other classes during the breaks, and in the evening there will be various activities. The teachers are all affiliated with The Animation Workshop, either as part of the permanent staff or as freelancers.

Dates 2018
Monday July 9th - Sunday July 15th 2018. The first day we meet at one pm, and the course ends at one pm on the last day.

The price for a summer course is DKK 3.700, or app. € 480, including teaching, materials, and meals. However, for former students of the semester course of The Drawing Academy, the price is only 3200 kr. Please write for more information about how to get the discount.

Summer Courses – Comic creation

In this course, you will spend a week playing with drawing and storytelling. Through a series of exercises and small projects the teacher will teach you the basic principles of graphic storytelling and challenge you to work with the media in different ways. There will be a mixture of well defined and more free assignments, where you get to work with your own ideas. An introduction to some of the rich world of comics and graphic novels is part of the course.

Summer Courses – Classical Drawing

In this course we will work with classical drawing, with and without a model. We have a very craft based approach to drawing, where anatomy and form are fundamental. We will be working a lot with the drawing of live models, both fast drawings where we practice dynamic, movement, and flow as well as more in-depth model studies with the opportunity for immersion. Apart from that there will be a number of drawing exercises without the use of a live model, which can include both sketching and longer studies. The course is primarily for young people who enjoy drawing. The teacher offers individual feedback based on each person’s level of skills so both beginners and highly skilled artists are welcome.

Summer Courses – Animation for Beginners

This course is an introduction to animation production and is for anyone who wants to try their hands at animating. While doing exercises and small movie productions you will work through the entire process of making an animation film. We will go through everything from idea to the finished product and at the same time teach you the basic principles of animation. You will have the opportunity to work with different animation techniques such as stop-motion, cut-out, modelling wax, and hand drawn animation using the computer program TV-Paint.

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Summer course in Animation for Beginners
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Summer course in Comic Creation
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Summer course in Classical Drawing
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Practical Course Information

On all three courses, the necessary art supplies will be provided for you. However you are welcome to bring along additional supplies.

Teaching language
Teaching is in English or Danish depending on the requirements of the students.

The courses take place at
The Animation Workshop
Kasernevej 5
8800 Viborg

Accommodation in a simple dorm near the school or in your own tent is included in the course fee. Please note that you will need to bring along your own sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tent etc. Of course you are welcome to make your own sleeping arrangements as well. Here is a list of hostels, bed-and-breakfeast places etc. offering affordable accomodation in Viborg:

Villa Blĺregn
Overlundbakkens Bed and Breakfast
Bed and breakfast Viborg (2)
Danhostel Viborg

We reserve the right to cancel the course if not enough people sign up.