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TAW Talk

TAW Talk is a forum where people associated with The Animation Workshop share their passion for animation and other inspirational topics. The TAW talk team makes use of the many creative minds at the school, students, teachers and other visitors to share their knowledge in a relaxed a conversational manner.

Initiated by students, this regular evening event continues to be organized by TAW students with the full support of the staff to nurture the learning experience. Participants cultivate conversations based upon the amazing art form we work with as well as to share our inspiration with one another.

TAW Talk also provides a venue to connect the five classes at the school by having them come together in a cozy setting to share their opinions, ideas, and experiences. Students also gain exposure to the various guest teachers from each other’s classes during these evening events.

Knowledge sharing and discussion come to life in TAW Talk events, and we hope this extracurricular offering continues to strengthen the level of animation and computer graphic artistry at the school.

Everyone at TAW can come with suggestions to people to invite to do a TAW talk. In order to get the news and get in contact with the TAW Talk team join the TAW Talk facebook group