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Laura Kunov

Character Animator

Laura Kunov
My name is Laura Hřjberg Kunov, I was born in Frederiksberg, Denmark in 1993. After finishing high school I worked at an art supply shop before attending a semester at the Drawing Academy in Viborg, spring 2013. I am currently on my 2nd year of the Character Animation bachelor program at the Animation Workshop, where I have learned so much, not only professionally but also about myself . I am tough and a hard worker but I still like to have fun and dance around!

I would love to work in 2D, either for television, feature films or music videos/musical films. Music is in general a huge part of my life and I dream of one day getting to combine my two biggest passions of animation and music.

As I am still young and adventurous I wish to work at a studio outside the borders of Denmark when I have graduated from TAW. There are so many great studios out there and I would be more than willing to travel many miles to get to work for one of them.

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