Student Life

The Animation Workshop prides itself on a professional, international, creative and open environment. We find that a multicultural community and firsthand experience of working with a variety of perspectives, backgrounds and competences add value to our students’ educational experience. We tell all of our students that their professional career starts the day they start their education with us as they are taught by industry professionals and are put into real life industry situations throughout their degree program. The international visiting instructors put the students in touch with the world.

All teaching and most extracurricular activities are held in English. The majority of our teachers are drawn from the international animation or comic book community. The Animation Workshop community and staff count many with international background as well. You will also have the opportunity to gain firsthand international work experience with your classmates as many of them are coming from countries from all around the world. The majority of our students are in their early 20s, but the age range among students can vary between 18 – 30 years old.

As a student at The Animation Workshop, you should be prepared for an exciting and intensive study program in an international and creative community. All programs are full-time and students are expected to work outside of school hours as well. School hours are following: Mondays: 9.30 – 16:30 and Tuesdays - Fridays: 9:00 – 16:00. In addition, students are expected to use 2h for homework 4 times a week. Normally the school day is structured following: lectures in the morning and individual work on assignments/projects with teacher’s feedback and guidance in the afternoons.
Each student has their own workspace outfitted with all the necessary equipment to complete any assignment and has access to the school at any time to continue their work.

We also encourage a social community and support a number of extracurricular activities through our Soft Value Programme as we think it is equally necessary to take a break as it is to work hard. We also have a yoga/relaxing room and a student room available for class dinners or Friday bars, parties and other activities.