Student House 111Student House 111

The Student House 111

The Student House 111 (Studenterhuset 111) is a meeting place for all students enrolled in higher education in Viborg. The students can meet others from different study programs to play music, be creative, party and relax in each other’s company. The house includes a common area with a bar, stage, pool table, foosball table and cozy places to study, read and relax. There are also fully equipped music studios to practice alone or with your band.

The Student House organizes a Friday bar once a month as well as other social and cultural events throughout the year. It is the perfect place to meet with other students over a reasonably priced coffee or a beer. The Student House 111 is a STUDENT’S house, a social mecca and their living room away from home. It is run for and by students, so you are welcome to get involved!

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Practical Info:
  1. to use one of the music rooms in the Student House you must go through the municipality by contacting the Borgerhuset Stationen on
  2. You can get more info on the music room here (only in Danish).
  3. to book the student house contact Lars Riis Ager, the house can only be booked school related purposes: class Christmas party, lectures, open student activities for example drawing course for all VIA students dart competition etc.
  4. there is a Friday bar in the Student House each first Friday of the month to follow the info on this check out facebook
  5. You will receive the schedule for all activities each 2 month on your via mail. Or find it on the facebook page