Stop MotherFuckerStop MotherFucker

Stop Mother Fucker

Stop MotherFucker
In this post apocalyptic Heavy Metal film you will be sucked into an Ocean of flames, grease and dirty monster walkers, where the Biker Oatmeal and the gentleman Orson Wheels will fight in a mad race across the Red fields of Mars in search of the last gas station on this desolate planet.

It will rip out your spine out of your weakened bodies and leave you in the red dust begging for more.

Animators: Angel Aguirregomozcorta, Esben Modvig, Jan Rybka, Thomas Bo Huusmann
Tonni Kristensen

Additional FX: Phillip Max Muller

Additional animation: Jouko Keskitalo

Additional compositing: Agnete Hjerl Hansen

Additional Coloring: Sirid Garff, Mikkel Vedel, Jeppe Broo, Keld Nissen, Aiden Tart

Sound/Music: Thomas Christensen, Thomas Ahlmark, Svend Nordy

Voices: Carsten Svenningsen, Peter Lopez

Supervisors: Michelle Nardone, Tod Polson, Alex Williams, Katrine Talks, Nicolai Slothuus

Special Thanks to:
Morten Thorning

Stop Mother Fucker

Stop MotherFucker
Stop MotherFucker