The media world is more than ever being characterised by a mix of different media formats, genres, platforms and trade groups. This is seen when certain concepts, contents and stories are presented in different media formats, when technological facilities, such as the telephone, get more and more functions, and when media formerly utilized strictly for entertainment, is now used as a communication and development tool within areas such as teaching and research.

These mix areas, often labelled cross media, are experiencing a rapid development and carry large commercial potential. This is why Region Midtjylland and Region Nordjylland work together in a joint media venture called Shareplay. With the consortium partners Bretteville Hotspot, Alexandra Instituttet, Filmby Århus and The Animation Workshop, Shareplay unite some of the most important operators within the animation field.

Shareplay will create growth in the business sector and raise the employment and the creativity in the two regions by helping companies and institution, who are up to date with the latest trends, form part of an intersection of network, projects and initiatives, that work in an international context. In this way, the regional development is optimised by an innovative audio-visual sector working across creativity and technology.

The consortium is undertaking a secretarial function and is situated in Filmby Århus. The secretarial work is based on actual issues and is divided into 3 main categories: strategic development, distribution of the Shareplay funds, and foundation and facilitation of network.

Strategic development
The Shareplay secretariat must ensure general knowledge of the regions’ work and strategy and in this way develop the audio visual businesses. The aim with this work is among other things to secure a growing and continuous political and economical support of the efforts made within the field. Furthermore, the secretariat administers and works to increase the existence of venture capital, to support projects and products that are able to increase the regional turnover within the field.

Distribution of the Shareplay funds
The Shareplay finances are levelled at projects and activities that develop the cross media field in the two regions. The secretariat advises users on the application process and undertakes the processing in connection with applications for the fund.

Foundation and facilitation of network
The Shareplay secretariat is working on establishing a network culture among companies and organizations within the cross-media work. Structure-wise, Shareplay will function as a network-group of ambitious thematic network consisting of companies from different businesses and environments.

Consortium partners
The Animation Workshop
Alexandra Instituttet A/S
Filmby Århus