SEA Concept Development Master Class

The SEA masterclass is currently on hold and therefore not offered. More information will be available on this page.

For this one of a kind master class, the participants are taught by frontline international professionals in making concept development commercially projects for the market.

The SEA Concept Development Master Class is an intensive 2-week master class for junior or intermediate professional directors, concept artists, storyboard artists, designer from the international animation film industry. SEA focuses on creating new and unique animation based concepts for the market that can form the basis of new animation-based storyworlds, brands, and universes. SEA aims at participants from Brazil, Europe, and Japan and a maximum of 15 participants.

A SEA Masterclass for 2015 is in the planning stages right now. Below you'll find info on the 2014 edition.


SEA offers an excellent opportunity to:

  • Strengthen your international network
  • Acquire knowledge of the markets in South American, Europe, and Asia´
  • Be equipped to participate in high-level international co-productions
  • Take the next steps into actual international co-productions

Participating in the master class will strengthen the participant ability to create strong, commercially viable concepts through case studies, and hands-on development processes. The main goal is to create new concepts of their own, and make these concepts ready for the international market.

Contents of the Master Class
As a participant of SEA, the artists will get the opportunity to work in a fantastic environment, supported and inspired by professional guest speakers from the international media and animation industry. Furthermore, he/she will work in groups of three, one from each continent, in developing universes and storyworlds for a comics, films, TV-series or games – an exclusive network opportunity to work with other Concept Development artists.

SEA is also an opportunity to become a part of a world-wide network of professionals from the international animation industry. SEA will help the participant in making these new concepts ready to take to market on all three continents.

SEA Concept Development Master Class facts:
  • Teaching language: English
  • Application deadline: 13th December 2013
  • Master Class dates: 17th February - 28th February
  • Fee: 800 Euro (including accommodation, living expenses, all workshops/talks/lectures, lunch and dinners in the official program).
  • Website:

If you want to apply for the SEA Concept Development Master Class, you are welcome to use the application form on our website If you have any questions, please contact Morten Thorning at The Animation Workshop, either by e-mail: or +4587554903.

The SEA Concept Development Master Class are supported by the MEDIA MUNDUS programme of the European Union, and held in corporation with The Animation Workshop, office H, Anima Mundi, and 3Bohemians

The SEA / Concept Development Master Class are supported by MEDIA MUNDUS of the EU programme and held in cooperation with Anima Mundus, 3Bohemians, and Office H.

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