Drawing and Visualization teachers

Here are some of the teachers that have taught or will teach on the Drawing and Visualization course:


Illustrator, writer, cartoonist
Alexis Deacon is a writer and illustrator of children's books. His first book, Slow Loris, was publi...
Alexis Deacon
Aljoscha Blau, born 1972 in Leningrad, studied drawing and painting in St.Petersburg, Illustration a...
Aljoscha Blau
Teacher at The Drawing Academy
Artem is a ph.d of Fine Arts, graduated from The St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. He is a teacher at ...
Phone: (+45) 87554943

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Artem Alexeev
Chris Schweizer received his BFA in Graphic Design from Murray State University in 2004, and his MFA...
Chris Schweizer
Fine artist, concept artist
D.J. Cleland-Hura is a Canadian fine artist painting original pieces of landscape, wildlife, and fig...
Cartoonist, illustrator, and designer
Jesse Jacobs graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2005, with a degree in Fine...
Jesse Jacobs
Lawrence Marvit has experience with both animation and illustration. He has worked as animator at Pi...
Lawrence Marvit
Coordinator, Teacher
Maria Skov Pedersen is a coordinator at The Drawing Academy and Professional Training. Her education...
Phone: +4587554944

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Maxime de Radigues is a Belgian comic creator. He graduated from Saint-Luc in Bruxelles in 2004 and ...
Max de Radigues
Illustrator, comic book artist
Mikkel Sommer (b. 87) is a freelance comic book artist / writer / illustrator from Copenhagen. Brief...
Mikkel Sommer
Teacher, cartoonist
Paul Karasik is an American cartoonist, editor and teacher. His work has appeared in “The New Yorker...
Paul Karasik
Romy Blümel is an Illustrator living in Berlin, Germany. She graduated with a degree in Design&Illus...
Romy Blümel
Illustrator, cartoonist
Sascha Hommer a freelance illustrator and comic artist, living in Hamburg, where he studied at the U...
Sascha Hommer
Simon Væth is Danish illustrator and graphic artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since his graduati...
Simon Væth