Drawing & Visualization


Are you a student or graduate of fine art, illustration, design, architecture or similar - or do you want to combine another profession with illustration and comics? Do you want to dedicate a semester to seriously improving your drawing skills? Then “Drawing and Visualization” is the course for you. The semester course is an excellent opportunity to focus on drawing, both as a craft and as a communication tool.


The “Drawing and Visualization” course takes place every spring. Please see the dates for the spring 2018 course under "Course facts" in the menu to the left.


The drawing module is focused on the technical aspect of drawing. We approach drawing as a craft, and you are taught a specific method of drawing based on fundamental aesthetic principles like form, composition etc. This approach builds upon the works of the renaissance and baroque masters.

The visualization module consists of a number of shorter workshops and lectures focusing on various aspects of illustration and comics. They will prepare you for making a personal project at the end of the course. In the spring 2018 the Visualization module will contain the workshops listed below. In the submenu "Teachers" you can read more about the teachers.

Sketch book, exploring the personal way of drawing - 1 week
Teacher: Aljoscha Blau

Composition workshop - 1 week
Teacher: Artem Alexeev

Color workshop - 1 week
Teacher: DJ Cleland-Hura

Visual development workshop - 1 week
Teacher: to be announced

Book illustration workshop including
character and environment development - 2 weeks

Teacher: Alexis Deacon

Editorial illustration project - 1 week
Teacher: Simon Væth

Comic workshop - 2 weeks
Teacher: Max de Radigues

Personal project – comic or illustration - 3 weeks
The big project is created under guidance of a mentor, mainly some of the teachers who taught the workshops.

In the personal project, it is up to the students to define their focus of work within the field of drawing. Examples of projects would be producing a comic or a series of illustrations. Those could be related to the students’ previous experiences, if relevant. Another option is focusing on the craft of drawing.

Generally, we take a very practical, hands-on approach to what we teach. It should be noted that for all subjects of this course we will mainly be supplying analogue materials like paper, pencils and paint. However, you are welcome to bring your own computer equipment and work with it in the workshops where it makes sense and in the personal project. A few computers are available in the teaching rooms for students who did not bring a computer but still want to work digitally in some workshops. Many of the teachers combine analogue and digital techniques and are happy to assist students who choose to work digitally, also with the use of the programs. For students who are new to Photoshop, there will be an optional introduction workshop on a weekend.

Please note that the main topics of this course are illustration and comics for books, articles etc. Students whose main focus is animation are welcome to participate in the course as many of the skills taught are transferable skills that may also be applied in films. However, the teachers do for the most part not have animation experience and the approach taken will often be quite different from how it would be in animation.

Studying at The Animation Workshop/VIA University College
Studying “Drawing and Visualization”, you are a full time student spending your days at the school with your fellow students. Your days are full of class room teaching, project work and feedback, extracurricular activities such as additional life drawing, inspirational talks, sport and social events.

The instructors are active professionals from the world of illustration, comics and fine art. They are all both outstanding artists and skilled at teaching and communicating their craft.


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D&V teacher Artem Alexeev speaks!

Artem Interview
Artem Interview