Professional Courses

The Professional Training department organizes short training courses and master classes designed with and for the European animation industry.

Internationally recognized as a provider of high quality training programs, the Professional Training department relies on a vast international network of exceptionally skilled animation professionals to ensure that the courses and the teaching are always answering the current demands from the European animation business and thus preparing the students for studio jobs.

Courses and master classes are created for professionals and students with animation experience on any medium and our target groups range from storyboard and concept artists, character designers and art directors to animators, CG artists, VFX artists and directors.

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Current Courses

3D Character Animation
A 15-week training course which takes the participants through all the components of 3D character animation, from start to finish.

Visual Effects
15 weeks. The course is designed to equip highly creative and driven CG professionals with the knowledge and skills to create photorealistic computer graphics and integrate them seamlessly with live action footage. This will range from set extensions through CG-characters or vehicles to body part replacements and simulations

Drawing & Visualization
Full semester: 18 weeks
Drawing: 6 weeks
Visualization: 12 weeks
First concentrate on the craft of drawing based on the methods of the old renaissance masters, then learn how to transform your drawing skills into contemporary drawing through workshops on comics and illustration related topics. Finally, make a personal drawing project of your own choice!

AniDox:Lab offers talented documentary and animation filmmakers the opportunity to engage and combine their two worlds. It tackles both a time-based cinematic approach, as well as digital platforms that allow for multiple story and timelines. The coaching seminars and collaborative workshops are designed to progress from fine-tuning an initial idea, through narrative development, to a pitching session.

ASF - Animation Sans Frontieres
ASF is an 8-week lecture/workshop-based training programme designed to give European graduate-level animation film and production students an understanding of the fine art and the business of getting an idea onto a screen. It is run in partnership with The Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany, The Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design or MOME in Hungary and Gobelins, école de l’image in France.

Previous Courses include

SEA - Concept Development Masterclass
SEA is an intensive 2-week master class. SEA focuses on the creation of unique concepts that can form the basis of new animation-based story worlds, brands, and universes. SEA targets participants from Brazil, Europe, and Japan).

3D Artist
15 weeks. This course takes the participants through all the components CG, from concept design to modeling, texturing, shading, lighting and rendering.

LEGO Character Design Course 2012
A one week course for the design team at LEGO A/S headquarters in Billund.

LEGO Character Design Course 2011
A 1˝ week design course for the design team at LEGO A/S in Billund.

Animation Production Masterclass
This intensive 2-week training programme focused on how the participants could produce their animation-related content in a cross- and transmedia media landscape.

Concept Design Masterclass
This course taught the participants how to design characters and environments.

Storyboard Masterclass
A one-week masterclass with Matthew Luhn and Valerie LaPointe.

Barbara Slade Masterclass
A 2-week script writing course with the experienced script writer Barbara Slade (Rugrats, Winnie the Pooh, Angelina Ballerina, Dead Gorgeous)