3D ART MEDIA project 3D ART MEDIA project


The succes rate is impressive - former professional training students work in many studios around the world.

The Professional Training department’s courses are designed to introduce participants to various aspects of the animation production pipeline. During these very labour intensive courses, students are expected to improve and update their skills to a level where they will be ready to work in a European animation studio, and the overall objective of participation should of course be to obtain a job. The success rate over the years is impressive and The Animation Workshop has former professional training students working in many studios around the world.

Studios that employ/have employed professional training students:
  • DreamWorks, USA
  • Blue Sky Studios, USA
  • Nickelodeon, USA
  • Animal Logic, Australia
  • Aardman, UK
  • Joanna Quinn, UK
  • Mike Young Studios, UK
  • Qvisten, Norway
  • Storm Studio, Norway
  • Kool Produktion, Norway
  • Röda Roboten Animation, Sweden
  • Atmo Media Network, Sweden
  • Anima Vitae, Finland
  • A Film, Denmark
  • Advance A/S, Denmark
  • Ghost VFX, Denmark
  • KM Animation, Denmark
  • Lego, Denmark
  • Lani Pixels, Denmark
  • Mark Film, Denmark
  • Happy Flyfish, Denmark
  • Caoz, Iceland
  • Munich Animation, Germany
  • Trixter, Germany
  • Brown Bag Films, Ireland
  • Bohemian Multimedia, Czech Republic
  • A Film Estonia, Estonia
  • Pixomondo, Germany
  • Framestore, England
  • MPC, Canada
  • SideFX, Canada,
  • Cartoon Network, Denmark
  • Ubisoft, Germany
  • Mikros Image, England
  • M2Film, Denmark
  • And many more…