Practical information: 3D Character Animation or VFX course

Below, we have assembled some practical information regarding your travel to Viborg and your stay during either the VFX course or the 3D Character Animation course.

Registration and payment

Formal registration
You will receive an acceptance letter when you are registered as a participant on the course.

Payment of the course
You will receive an invoice for the entire course fee before the start of the course.


Airports close to Viborg are
    • Karup (a domestic airport, so you will have to fly to Copenhagen first). From Karup it’s about a 30 minute drive to Viborg). From Karup to Viborg train station you can book a teletaxi to the cost of around 40 DKK (in cash).
    • Billund. From here it’s about a 1,5 hour drive to Viborg. It can be tricky to take public transportation from Billund to Viborg, since there is no direct bus to Viborg. You can have a look at the travel planner where you can type in your departure and arrival destination in Denmark. It will include both busses and trains. You can switch the language to English.
    • Aalborg airport is located to the north of Viborg. A bus from Aalborg to Viborg will take around 1,5 hours.
    • Finally you can take a plane to Copenhagen airport and change for Karup OR take a train directly from Copenhagen airport to Viborg. It’s around a 4-4,5 hour journey. OR take a bus which takes 5h 25 min.

    If you fly from Copenhagen to Karup, you fly with Danish Air Transport. If you want to take a train you can have a look at DSB’s website.

    The bus company is called Abildskou and the bus line 888 travels from Copenhagen to various towns in Jutland.

    We will have somebody meet you at the school when you arrive to get you settled in your room. He/she will have your keys, keycards etc. So, before arriving in Viborg, you need to send an approximate arrival time to the course organizer, so we can plan for somebody to meet you.

    From the station to the school
    From the train station to the school it’s around a 10-15 minute walk depending on your luggage. There are normally taxis on standby outside the station, if not you can call one from Viborg Taxi +45 86 62 66 00. You can see the address of the school below.

    Map of Viborg
    This map shows you the center of Viborg and highlights the route from the train / bus station to the school. At the bottom of the map you can see the 3 main buildings. The reception is located on the top floor of building 5 on the map Your classroom will be in the building marked as 1. On the first day just go to the reception and they can tell you how to find it, or contact one of the course coordinators. When you get here, you will get a much better map in what we call “The good guy’s guide to Viborg” containing all the info you ever needed to know about Viborg!

    The school

    You will – upon your arrival – receive a key card so you can access the school buildings at all hours, and you're welcome to use your personal classroom computers at all times for work/emailing/internet/etc. Open hours are week days from 8.30 to 17.00. Outside these hours, you must have your key card with you to enter the buildings.

    School library
    There is a school library with DVDs and books, and you are free to borrow up to 3 items at the same time. Just fill out the form at the library, and you can borrow the items for a week.

    At the school, the students run what we call the "Soft Values Program". This is basically extra-curricular activities such as sports, guest lectures, life drawing, movie nights, etc. It's all free and you're very welcome to join. So, if you're into sports like badminton, basketball, football, tai chi or yoga, please remember to bring your sports clothes. The program is organized by students and it changes a bit from month to month.


    The dorm room
    We house all our students in the nearby dorm Camp Logos. It’s really only a 3-minute walk from the school. Depending on which room you prefer, your room will include a private bathroom and a kitchenette with two hotplates, a refrigerator and a small oven. There is basic furniture in all the rooms. There is a shared kitchen and common area as well. There are no kitchen utensils for the kitchenette in the room, so most people just by some stuff at the second hands shops we have here in Viborg. The school will provide you with a duvet and pillow, so you would need to bring bed sheets and towels. Please note that The Animation Workshop cannot guarantee that you get the specific room type you have requested. In some cases we just have to accept what is currently available from the housing organisation.

    You have internet in your room. You just need to bring a standard internet cable.

    There are washing machines in the basement of the dorm, and you get a card for them that you have to use each time. The payment (around 6 DKK) is then withdrawn over the monthly rent.

    Electrical plugs: in Denmark we use a standard European 230 AV. See here (you can use only the two parallel holes or all 3).

    The contracts that you will receive for your rooms includes a deposit, but you don’t actually pay it. You only pay for the monthly rent, and The Animation Workshop will be the guarantee for the deposit.

    Flaws and deficiencies list
    When you get into your dorm room, there will be a sheet of paper called “Fejl og mangler” – Flaws and deficiencies. You need to fill that out during the first week you are here, and hand it over to the janitors of the dorm (There is a mail box in the basement labeled “vicevćrt” - janitor). If there is anything wrong with the room, and you have not written it on the list, you can potentially be held accountable for it, so just write anything on it (like: scratches on the floor, holes in the mattress, broken mirror, whatever). The housing coordinator will most like set up an individual room check with the dorm building supervisor during the first few weeks, during which you spend 10 minutes going through your room for any flaws.

    Other useful info

    First Day
    The first day of the course starts on the Monday at 10:00. The course organizers will have some practical information for you, and you will get a tour of the school. We all have lunch together and in the afternoon you start out with the teacher.

    On previous courses participants have formed a “food club” where they eat together once or twice a week – it’s cheaper and much more cozy :)

    There’s the VIA cantina where you can get a sandwich for 28 DKK and a hot dish for around 40-45 DKK. Of course, there is also the possibility to go home for lunch, since you will be living so close to the school.

    Receiving mail
    The easiest will be to have your mail and packages sent directly to the school, since the reception is manned during normal working hours. And then we bring your mail to the classroom. The address of the school is:

    The Animation Workshop
    Att: Your name
    Kasernevej 5
    8800 Viborg

    We use Danish Crowns in Denmark (DKK), and it might be a good idea to have some cash in DKK when you arrive – especially if you plan to ride a bus. There are ATMs/cash points all over Viborg, and one close to the school.

    You should get a social security insurance that is valid inside EU countries. Contact your national social security office to learn more.