3D Character Animation

The 3D Character Animation course is a 16-week program taking the students through all the components of 3D animation from start to finish.

The 3DCA course is now 16 weeks instead of 15. Course fee now includes an (optional) bus trip and student accreditation to the Annecy festival. Same price!

"The school is the chillest, happiest and most creative education place I ever encountered. The 3DCA course is a professional, intense, artistic and funny learning experience. All the people around is stunningly friendly, inspiring and welcoming :)"

Ana Genís , 3D Character Animation 2016
If you are a 2D animator, trainer, stop motion animator, Flash animator, animation director, character animation, 3D animator, CG artist, or maybe an illustrator, designer, storyboard artist or an architect who would love to learn 3D Character Animation, then this is the course for you!

The 3D Character Animation course is for you if you want to:
  • learn from the best
  • develop your technical and artistic skills
  • be employable as a junior 3D character animator
  • Broaden your animation skills
  • Get a fast track into the Maya software
  • extend your professional network
  • get a real world relation with instructors and other professionals which you will not get through an online course

  • All in just 16 weeks!

    Course facts: 2018

  • Application deadline: For EU applicants: 1st December 2017. For non-EU applicants: 20th October 2017 (due to the long processing time for residence permits to Denmark)
  • Dates: February 19th to June 8th 2018.
  • Frequency: The 3DCA course runs every spring semester
  • Teaching language: English.
  • ECTS points: The course content is equal to 30 ECTS points
  • Fee: 2.800 EUR (20.860 DKK), not including accommodation or living
  • Scholarships: The Animation Workshop, VIA UC offers accommodation and/or travel scholarships and/or course fee scholarships to eligible course applicants. Read more here.

  • Course facts: 2017

  • The 2017 course is currently running
  • Dates: February 20th to June 9th 2017.

  • What you get

    • An intensive course developed with the help of industry professionals
    • Instructors are all active professionals brought in from animation studios around the world specifically for this 16-week 3D Character Animation course. Therefore instructors have updated and production-tested knowledge
    • Hands-on teaching and practice every day from morning to afternoon
    • Access to your own personal workstation with industry-standard software 24 hours a day, also during weekends
    • Access to video camera and tripod for reference videos
    • Didactic material and art materials
    • A super useful professional network with the other participants and with the guest teachers – as well as to the rest of The Animation Workshop
    • Access to all extra-curricular activities at The Animation Workshop: a variety of sports, lectures, parties, workshops etc.
    • 16 weeks immersed in a highly creative and social environment
    • TAW staff prebooks a number of rooms at the on-campus dormitory, making sure you have a place to live during the course.
    • TAW staff advice you about travel and the best ways to get to Viborg
    • Advice and resources for further training
    • OPTIONAL: Paid bus trip (Viborg - Annecy - Viborg) and student accreditation to The Annecy Internal Animation Film Festival in France right after the course

    • Instructors

      Expected teachers on the 3DCA 2018 course:
    • Henrik Malmgren, SE. AV Generalist, CEO and founder of Good Job Studios.
    • Frederik Vallentin Bjerre-Hyldgaard, DK. Technical animator at IO Interactive
    • Mette Tange, DK. 3D character animator and Partner at Tumblehead Animation Studio. Captain Underpants (2017), Minions (2015), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013)
    • Robert Bennett, USA. Acting teacher, director for animated films.
    • Fredrick Fassé, CAN. Lead animation supervisor at Atomic Cartoons. Beat Bugs (2016) Ratchet & Clank (2016), Escape from Planet Earth (2013), Dead Rising 2 (video game, 2010)
    • Erik Schmidt, DK. Otto the Rhino (2013), Bolt (2008), Shark Tale (2004), The Road to Eldorado (2000).
    • and more fantastic animation professionals

    • What you will learn

      Under the supervision of guest teachers who are all international and European animation professionals, the participants will be introduced to the Maya software and to 3D character animation through a series of exercises designed to transfer the classical 2D animation principles onto the computer and a 3D platform. Focus will lie on body mechanics and physical action during the basic training and then move on to the advanced concepts of pantomime acting and lip sync. The course will culminate in a 4-week final project which is to be each student’s showreel masterpiece; a 20-30 seconds animated short film or computer game intro. You can find a detailed program in the right side menu.

      Former Student Projects

      As a participant you will work on a large number of exercises and short scenes, but the last four weeks of the course are dedicated to the final projects, a short 30 second film based on a piece of dialogue, something you record yourself, or maybe a visual gag. Here you can watch former final 3DCA projects.

      The 3D Character Animation course is supported by the Creative Europe/MEDIA Programme of the EU. As a result, the course is primarily offered to EU-citizens. We are only allowed to take in a small percentage of participants from non-EU countries.

      Admission & Requirements

      To apply for the 3D Character Animation course, please use the online application form on the right side of this page.
      You will be asked to provide a CV, motivation letter and a showreel/portfolio. Participants must have a solid grasp of the animation principles, and preferably have done animation before. Participants with very basic knowledge of animation but high technical skills in 3D software are also eligible.

      Submitting an application to the course is not binding. In the event of a successful application to the course, you will be asked to confirm your seat as soon as possible afterwards.

      Info for non-EU applicants

      Please be aware that the 3DCA course is currently offered as a single-subject course, which under the current Danish immigration laws does not warrant a residence permit under “higher educational programmes” for course participants. You can find further information about visas and residence permits on the official portal for foreigners.

      Participant Testimonials

      “An amazing course! Great set-up, Excellent teachers and friendly environment. Super pleased with everything. Strongly recommend it to friends and colleagues every chance I get.
      Awesome work Tim & Per! Couldn't be more pleased with the setup of the course or the teachers. Keep up the great work!”
      - Martin Nyberg, 3D Character Animation course 2013

      “Probably the best course I´ve attended. The school is amazing, the overall structure is extraordinary and the people working there, the lecturers and the students, as well as its location, make it to the place it is today.”
      - Mikkel Brandt Bugge, 3D Character Animation course 2013

      “I absolutely adored and highly recommend attending The Animation Workshop. The course was excellent, the school is a very creative and informal place, yet very professional and high end tuition and staff.”
      - Joana Bartolomeu, 3D Character Animation 2014

      “Everything in The Animation Workshop is so well organised and well thought off that it was not only a pleasure but a privilege to be a part of the course. Organisers ware always more than happy to help and present among the received knowledge a huge reason to go back and continue studying in Viborg on the programs they develop in the future. I can't thank you enough for the experience I had, it was the best boost I ever had or got in this industry and I look forward to seeing you on some of the next courses that I will surely apply too. It was a great time, I miss Viborg a lot.”
      - Stjepan Milas, 3D Character Animation 2014

      “I really enjoyed my stay at the animation workshop during this course. The teachers were excellent and we had the privilege to work in a very friendly and creative environment. The participants were able to develop their skills, finding new contacts from the animation and film industry and I would be happy to recommend the course as well as the school to anyone interested in the field of animation and media.”
      - Fredrik Ueberle, 3D Character Animation 2014

      “The atmosphere surrounding this school and Pro. course is definitely the best place to learn or develop your animation skills!!”
      - Jon Petter Vorren, 3D Character Animation 2015

      “It was PERFECT!”
      - Marta Zamparelli, 3D Character Animation 2015

      “Excellent atmosphere, perfect classmates and great school. Thank you Tim and Per for everything!”
      - Mathilde Archer, 3D Character Animation 2015

      “The course was a lot of work but also a lot of fun, I would do it again any time!”
      - Friederike Riechmann, 3D Character Animation 2015

      “I'm very satisfied with this course and everything around it! :) Should I get the opportunity in the future I'd love to return somehow - it's a great place to grow and meet new people.”
      - Sanna Andersson, 3D Character Animation 2016

      “The school is the chillest, happiest and most creative education place I ever encountered. The 3D Character Animation course is a professional, intense, artistic and funny learning experience. All the people around is stunningly friendly, inspiring and welcoming :)”
      - Ana Genís , 3D Character Animation 2016

      “Everything was great! One of the best experiences of my life and awesome people!”
      - Olga Malahhova, 3D Character Animation 2016



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