Mads Peter Brandstrup Speed DrawingMads Peter Brandstrup Speed Drawing

Price and payment

The price for one semester at the Drawing Academy is 34,000 DKK or approximately 4,533 Euros. This covers both teaching and materials.

The school does not offer scholarships.

It is not possible to get SU (public education support) for following a semester course at The Drawing Academy.

The payment for the school is divided into three installments:
  • The first installment is to be paid before the beginning of the semester;
  • The second installment is to be paid during the semester;
  • The third installment is to be paid near the end of the semester.

Overseas applicants will be required to pay the full tuition fees upfront.

If students wish to leave the course before completion, the Drawing Academy must be informed of this in writing. Please be aware that you will be obliged to pay for an extra four weeks of tuition after leaving.