Practical Information

Provided by Open Workshop:

When an artist/project has been accepted to the Open Workshop, along with an approved budget and production schedule, the Open Workshop provides:
  • Studio space in a common workspace (out of approximately 500 square meters, plus access to a full music studio)
  • All necessary materials and equipment, with a quite wide range of possibilities, from any digital production set-up to experimental stop-motion
  • Production supervision and planning, when necessary line production
  • Professional consulting, in any necessary form, on the project
  • Individual project meetings with the Open Workshop staff
  • Group project meetings, where new and current resident artists gather to give progress updates and gather feedback on their projects or pitch new projects
  • Maybe most importantly, live access to The Animation Workshop’s vast network of national and international guest professionals, which constantly flows and pulses through the school

In certain cases:
  • Salaries for crew members
  • Housing for the resident artist/project leader and crew if necessary (usually very simple military-style shared housing in one of the Kaserne barracks, less than 100 meters from The Animation Workshop)

In the case of projects produced externally by young studios from North- and Mid-Jutland who are applying for financial support:
  • A cash “work grant” or salaries for crew members, which would then be Danish young talents

In the case of larger-scale projects, after the development phase at the Open Workshop:
  • Direct and assisted connections to studios in Denmark and Europe who can take over parts of or the entire actual production
  • Training, support and consultancy for further development and production funding applications

With regards to daily economy, Open Workshop does NOT provide living money or any type of personal cash for its resident artists. We do however provide them with opportunities for paid work around the school and the region, such as teaching, project supervision, various animation jobs, consulting and many more.

Moving to Denmark

Open Workshop will be happy to provide you with letters confirming your residency period and status as an artist in residence at The Animation Workshop. But you are responsible for acquainting yourself with the rules that apply in relation to your stay in Denmark. Please have a look at the links below.

This website Study in Denmark tells you all about studying in Denmark and all you need to know about:
  • Permits, Visas & Red Tape
  • Health & Safety
  • Accommodation
  • Learn Danish for free
  • Working in Denmark
  • Bank & Budget
  • Libraries and Leisure
  • Travel & Transport

  • Additionally, on this website Work in Denmark you will find information about what you have to do if you are seeking employment in Denmark.

    At the end of your residency

    Open Workshop completion form
    Open Workshop retains no rights to your project, except self-promotion rights. This is also listed in the contract you make with OW upon entering the workshop. OW is funded by The Danish Film Institute and Viborg Kommune, and every year we report to our funding bodies all the wonderful, creative projects being developed and produced in the workshop. For these yearly reports we need descriptions of the different projects, bios of the artists themselves, stills and statistics that will allow us to continue to improve and to keep getting the financial support from DFI and VK.

    If you have finished your residency in Open Workshop or are close to finishing, please fill out the online form to the right.

    Open Workshop logos
    Since Open Workshop is supporting the development or production of your project, you will need to credit OW in your finished project. The logo is avaiable below. Click on the links and then right-click and choose "save picture as".

    OW logo BLACK & WHITE
    OW logo WHITE & BLACK
    OW logo BLACK (transparent)
    OW logo RED (transparent)
    OW logo BLUE (transparent)
    OW logo GREEN (transparent)
    OW logo ORANGE (transparent)

    TAW logo:
    TAW logo BLACK & WHITE.psd (transparent)

    Should you need the logo in a different version or color, please contact the OW staff.

    "Supported by" text
    When crediting Open Workshop in your project please use the following phrase:
    "Supported by the Open Workshop department of The Animation Workshop"


    OW completion form

    Are you at the end of your OW residency? Please fill out one of the forms below.

    For projects and residencies completed in 2016:
    2016 Open Workshop completion form

    For projects and residencies completed in 2017:
    2017 Open Workshop completion form