Cedric Babouche

An Olivier de Serres and Emile Cohl school graduate. At the end of his studies Cédric BABOUCHE decided to become a filmmaker. After a first promising short film, “the routine”, he went on to direct « Imago », a 12mn film that blends watercolour illustrations with 2D and 3D animation. This highly acclaimed film was selected by more than 110 film festival. It won two awards at the Cannes Film Festival and five grand prizes at other international film festivals gaining Cedric Babouche a short list entry for the Oscars. Between 2005 and 2008 he was appointed artistic director of the Def2shoot studio, and created a variety of films all marked by his distinctive style (The tune clip, Bravo Gudule or Gecko series, commercials…) and was the art director of Rintaro’s latest animated feature film « Yona Yona Penguin » produced by Madhouse (Japan)in 2009.

Since summer 2007 He is also a partner and artistic director of the company DANDELOOO. With his partners, they develop TV series projects and feature films animation projects.
Among them, CHICO CHICA BOUMBA (52×3’30mn) for M6, LITTLE HOUDINI, MOUTCHO & PITROUILLE, as well as LIGHT FIELDS and TRAVEL TO MAMA for the animated feature film department.
Finally, He’s also a teacher at Ecole Georges Méliès (formerly EESA) where he teaches color, storyboards etc …