Verdnes Lykkeligste ByVerdnes Lykkeligste By

Verdens Lykkeligste By (translation: The happiest city in the world)

A short poem film by Jody Ghani (England)

Premiere: 2013
Duration: 2 minutes

Jody graduated from The Animation Workshop’s Bachelor’s degree in Character Animation in January 2012. Since then she has been working as a freelancer on several different short films, games, music videos and theatre productions and she started her own company called Jody Prody in 2013 after being a part of an Incubation program hosted by Open Workshop and Arsenalet. Here she made some animated educational films among other things. Before going solo Jody worked as an animator on two Open Workshop short film productions, “Hollow Land” by Uri and Michelle Kranot and “Love & Vehi-cles” by Drasko Ivezic.
The project started as a collaboration between Aarhus Festuge and GotFat Productions who brought five poets and five filmmakers together and gave them the challenge to “describe the universal humanity in Aarhus in the year 2013”. Each poet wrote a poem which was then given randomly to one of the filmmakers, who then were to make a short film inspired by their interpretation of the poem. One of the short films created on this occasion was Jody’s “Verdens Lykkeligste By”, which was based on a poem by Mathias Bundgaard. The film was then shown during Aarhus Festuge in August 2013.