Shrug WorldsShrug Worlds

Shrug Worlds

Games by Alina Constantin (Belgium/Denmark)

Alina has worked as a background and concept artist, director’s assistant, AfterEffects Rigger, 2D animator, motion graphics and storyboard assistant for independent shorts, commercial series and feature productions throughout Scandinavia. She has been involved in straw bale building in an ecological community in Denmark since 2009, attending professional training courses and a Masterclass at Viborgs Animation Workshop in 2011. Alina is now developing three game prototypes for the “Shrug Words” with support from the Open Workshop.

Born in Belgium, Alina Constantin moved to California where she grew up, before return-ing to Europe in late 1997. She graduated from Graphic Art High School in Paris in 2004 and received a first diploma in 2D Animation from ESAAT Roubaix, France in 2006. She continued studying animation at HIVOLDA in Norway, from which she received a Bache-lor in Animation. She animated and directed her first shot, a 7 min. long drawn animated tale called Shrug.

The Shrug’s story shows that though harmony can be broken, together, there is always an answer. The Shrugs are strange beings that change shape in harmony with their island environment, island seasonally covered by water with the movement of the tides. At high tide the Shrugs grow wings and fly away, at low tide they return to an island above the sea level and to their earthen shape. One day, this balance breaks. Instead of moving, na-ture’s elements slow and fade until everything around become motionless. As the unity of the Shrugs weakens, they must react to the Nature’s immobility and wake it up again.

The above two images are production images from the first game in production, an at-mospheric platform called “Shrug Tides”. Alina has recently received development sup-port from The Danish Film Institute’s support scheme for games, Spilordningen.