Tom KristensenTom Kristensen

Made Flesh

Graphic novel by Lars Kramhøft and Tom Kristensen (Denmark)

Made flesh is a graphic novel by the Danish duo consisting of writer Lars Kramhøft and Illustrator Tom Kristensen. Lars has published many short stories, comics, essays and articles both on print and in the various dark corners of the internet. Tom is an illustrator with a soft spot for the world of comics. He does everything from children’s books to horror. The challenge of creating the perfect atmosphere and mood for the given story is one of his key motivations. He has released several comics and illustrated books, including Deadboy and Urban Cthulhu.
The story revolves around a young architect named Michael, who must travel back to the haunted mansion of his childhood to uncover the secrets of a past that still haunts him. Along with his girlfriend Michael, they embark on a journey down memory lane that soon turns into a very real and dangerous struggle against a force from beyond the grave determined not to let Michael escape again.
Open Workshop supported Made Flesh financially at the beginning of the project in order for Tom to hire web developers for the iPad version of the graphic novel. Later on it became for print. Open Workshop made it possible for the duo to attend the Weekend of Horrors in Germany, where Tom and the writer Lars Kramhøft could promote the book. Tom and Lars are considering making a sequel, but it seems not be something of the near future. Made Flesh was published in the spring 2014 in Denmark by Valeta, and by an American publisher in the fall 2014.