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AniDox Residency

Closed for applications to AniDox Residency 2017.

The 2016 AniDox Residency director is the Danish artist Lasse Smith with the film and interactive experience TEU.

Residency program for the production of animated documentary short films.

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Building on the already existing Open Workshop artist residency and AniDox:Lab training programme at The Animation Workshop, and with the support of at the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017, AniDox Residency makes it possible for one animated documentary short film of high artistic quality to be produced every year from 2014-2017 leading up to a screening event at the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017. The Animation Workshop will host the production and provide studio facilities, workstations, housing for the director, production support as well as financial support.

AniDox Residency will be an artistic spearhead in the examination of the possibilities and potential of functional animation. Animation can systematize and reproduce abstract concepts and connections in an accessible way, and represent events that are too small, too big, happen too slowly or too fast, or that simply happened far away from rolling cameras.

The Animation Workshop provides:
  • Studio facilities
  • 1-2 workstations with relevant software
  • Technical support
  • Housing for the director
  • Production support
  • Financial support for materials and as salaries

Application procedure:
Application deadline: 17th October 2016

Please submit your application through the online application form on the right side of this page.
You have to provide, among other things, contact information, a project proposal and your motivation for applying.

Annexes/additional material
Please attach a single PDF with your CV, project description, financing plan, detailed budget, project schedule and distribution plan. You may also attach letters of reference and/or other supporting documents.

Selection process:
A selection board consisting of staff from The Animation Workshop and an external consultant will perform a qualitative analysis and assessment of the submitted project proposals on the basis of a number of parameters including:

  • The story and angle of the film
  • The visual side of the project
  • How clear and precise the description of the project is
  • How realistic the budget and schedule are
  • Motivation
  • Level of experience
  • Technical and artistic feasibility

AniDox Residency 2016

Artist in residence: Lasse Smith, Denmark
Animated documentary: TEU (10:00)
In the fall 2015, we carried out the application round for project proposals for the AniDox Residency 2016, and the Danish director Lasse Smith and the film and transmedia project TEU (The Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit) was chosen. TEU is a short 10-minute, animated documentary about the 20-foot container in our modern, globalized society.

AniDox Residency 2015

Artist in residence: Soetkin Verstegen, Belgium
Animated documentary: Mr. Sand (08:15)
Logline: A dreamy animated documentary about the dangers of early cinema. The atmosphere of old film theatres is recalled through a mixture of handmade techniques.
In the back of the story moves Mr Sand, a mysterious character. Real or imagined.

AniDox Residency 2014

Artists in residence: Michelle & Uri Kranot, Israel
Animated documentary: Cosmopolitanism (16:39) & How long, not long
Directed by Erik Gandini, Animation Directors: Michelle & Uri Kranot
Synopsis: Xenophobia, nationalism and intolerance are a daily occurrence. We have grown accustomed to thinking of the world as divided among warring creeds and cultures. This film challenges us to think about a universal belonging that doesn’t confine itself to a city, region or national boundary.

AniDox Residency is part of the Open Workshop – a film workshop that also functions as an Artist Residency.

AniDox Residency is supported by:

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  • Anidox Residency 2017 - closed
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