International Applicants

"The greatest thing about this school is that the teachers are from all around the world and that they are working in the business, and that gives you a great perspective"

Maria, Character Animation student
The Animation Workshop welcomes you to a flourishing international environment with a strong focus on the global animation community and network – in our teaching, in our staff and in our student body. All teaching and extracurricular activities are held in English. The student body as well as the teachers, community and staff count many with international background.

You can read more about living and studying in Denmark on www.studyindenmark.dk, a site managed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Applying to the educations with international background

International applicants apply on equal terms with Danish applicants, following the same deadlines and procedures. You can find all the relevant information here.

Make sure to attach proof of English proficiency. You can see the requirements for international English tests and scores here.

For applicants who are not EU/EEA-residents, there is an application fee as well as special admissions flow to enable the student to obtain residence permit etc. in due time ahead of course start.

Visa and residence permit

Coming to Denmark from a Nordic or EU/EEA country, including Switzerland, you are free to live, study and work in Denmark with paying tuition fees. However, you must register, if you intend to stay more than 3 months.

If you are coming to Denmark from outside the EU, you need a touristic visa (valid up to 3 months) or a residence permit (for stays exceeding 89 days). Normally, you must apply for visa or residence permit prior to your arrival in Denmark.

Applying for a visa is a part of the enrollment process for the bachelor educations and is initiated by the school after you have been admitted to the programme. You can find a detailed description of the enrollment flow for students from outside the EU here.

For detailed information about the application process and requirements, please visit the website of the Danish Immigration service: www.nyidanmark.dk

Registering for Danish Social Security number (CPR) and Danish Health Insurance scheme

When you register, you will receive a Danish CPR-number. It is a social identity code which is the key to all public registration and services, including tax, opening bank-account etc. Furthermore, the CPR-number will guarantee free public health insurance for the entirety of your stay (after a quarantine for the first six weeks for non-EU citizens).

EU Citizens must register at “Statsforvaltningen”, all other citizens must register at the local municipality.