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Housing for students at The Drawing Academy

Shortly after you have been accepted into The Animation Workshop, you will be contacted by the school’s Housing Coordinator with specific housing information.

The Animation Workshop itself has no accommodation. The school's role is to provide various opportunities for housing and help create contact between housing providers and new students - and to assist with language barriers if necessary. If you have questions about housing or need language assistance, please contact

Students can choose to reside in student dormitories or private housing arrangements.

Camp Logos
The dormitory Camp Logos (owned by the housing association “Boligselskabet Sct. Jørgen”) is located across the street from the school and houses many of our students. Rooms at Camp Logos come with furniture.

The availability in Camp Logos is very limited at this point. However, a new wing is under development and expected to be completed in late 2017 or 2018. The school will contact you with further information about Camp Logos, prices and availability, shortly after you have been accepted into The Animation Workshop.

For further information on Camp Logos, contact the housing association Sct. Jørgen at or visit their website:

It is our experience, the majority of our students eventually move into a shared flat in the city. We have created a group on Facebook “The Animation Workshop Housing Forum” - where current students are seeking for new roommates and new tenants for the apartments, they are leaving themselves. Also you can find and team up with fellow students for shared apartments.

For private accommodation, these websites may be helpful: (many shareable flats)

Cost of Living
Dorm rooms in Viborg typically cost between DKK 2.300 and 3.500 (€250 - 470) per month depending on size and whether you are willing to share facilities. Utility expenses, like electricity, internet and heating, are not included and usually cost around DKK 600 (€80) per month. Private rooms in shared apartments can range depending on size, location and other factors, but aren’t drastically different from the cost of student accommodation.