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Housing for Bachelor students of Character Animation

The municipality of Viborg guarantees student housing.

This means that as a new arrival, you are guaranteed a place to stay while attending studying Character Animation at The Animation Workshop.

What are the options?
Some choose to live in a rented room while attending a semester course, others choose to share an apartment with student friends – but most of our students and course participants live in the dormitory Camp Logos, which was built between 2007-2011 and is located right next to the school.

The Animation Workshop cooperates with the housing association Sct. Jørgen in Viborg about the assignment of dorm rooms and student housing at Camp Logos (please note: students at The Drawing Academy have a limited selection of rooms).

What does it cost to live in Viborg?
A dorm room in Viborg typically costs between DKK 1.600 and 2.400 per month, depending on size and whether you are willing to share a kitchenette and bathroom or want your own private facilities. Expenses for electricity, water, heating and Internet etc. are not included, so all in all you should expect to spend about DKK 2.200 – 3.000 per month for housing.

For the largest of the dorm rooms, Danish students can usually apply for housing subsidy.

What do you need to do?
In connection with the individual drawing admissions test and interview, you will be asked to inform us whether you are interested in our help in finding accommodation or if you want to find housing yourself. After the test and interview, arrangements on the accommodation will be made. If you find the offer satisfying you will shortly hereafter receive a housing contract.

If you want to find accommodation by yourself, you can see the different housing options in Viborg here:

Accommodation in Camp Logos
If you want to live in Camp Logos during your semester course at The Drawing Academy, you need to be assigned by The Animation Workshop. Note that we assign accommodation only after you have been accepted to a semester course at The Drawing Academy.

As Camp Logos is normally reserved for long-term students, it is unfortunately not possible to choose freely between the rooms; as a rule, students at The Drawing Academy can only choose rooms of the type 3a/3b. Note that this means you will have a roommate, though each of you will have your own bedroom.

Also, please note that all rooms in Camp Logos are furnished with a bed, bedside table, bedside lamp, room divider, desk and chair. The furniture is part of what is rented, and therefore it cannot be deselected.

You can see the current prices for rent and other expenses for the individual rooms and read more about the shared facilities and what kind of furniture that comes with the rooms here.

Finally, please note that you can only continue to stay in Camp Logos for as long as you are attending a course offered by The Animation Workshop or one of the other educational institutions in Viborg.