Financial support

Danish students

The bachelor programmes are approved for SU for the official duration (3˝ years or 41 months for Character Animation and CG Artist and 4 years or 46 months for Graphic Storytelling)

International students from the EU/ EEA countries

State educational support for students from the EU/EEA countries

As a rule, foreign students enrolled in Danish courses of study are not eligible for educational support (SU). Exceptions are made based on specific conditions for refugees and relatives of refugees and for other foreign citizens provided - among other stipulations - that they have been living and working in Denmark for a certain period of time.

EU citizens may be eligible for SU if they have a contract for 10-12 work hours per week.

Please go to SU's website for more information for more information.

International students from non- EU/EEA countries

Students coming from countries outside the EU/EEA, and not holding a permanent Danish residence permit, will be charged with a tuition fee as well as the materials fee.
Please note that in order to obtain residence permit based on studies, you must pay for the first whole study year prior to applying for the permit. The tuition fee for the remaining semesters are due no later than one month before the beginning of the semester.

Students from outside the EU/EEA are eligible to apply for a scholarship., which will cover parts of the tuition and provides a board and lodging grant to help cover accommodation and other living expenses for parts of the study time.

You can read more about coming to Denmark as a student (rules, procedures, possibilities, etc.) here