Open House

Listen to presentations, show us your work and look around.

The next Open House will be held on Thursday the 7th of February in Viborg.

Click to the right on "Denne side på dansk", if you want to read more and sign up for the open house (in Danish).

The Open house will mainly be held in Danish, because we usually only have Danish attandees at the Open house. However, if you don't speak Danish and want to attend our Open house, we will arrange special English-language tours of The Animation Workshop. Remember to write in your sign-up mail that you want an English tour.

All our educations and courses are in English, though, so you can of course still apply if you are not Danish.


15:00 We welcome the guests in our "Høgni Pub"
15:30 Presentation on Character Animation and CG Arts in Big Classroom
15:30 Presentation on Graphic Storytelling in Small Classroom
16:45 Presentation on The Drawing Academy in Big Classroom
16:45 Presentation on Visuel Hf in "The Cathedral"

15:00-18:00 Individual feedback on portfolios in Høgni + visit the class rooms on or off guided tours + browse the TAW Shop (16-18)

To sign up for the Open house, send an email to Erik Barkman. Remember to write that you want an English tour.