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Working with projects in the Open Workshop places the creators and crews in a living, positive and focused environment and in a constant dialogue with many other artists and specialists of various types, genres, backgrounds and fields of expertise.

The Open Workshop fills up a little over half of one the 3 fully renovated and constantly vibrating Kaserne (ex-military compound) barracks occupied by The Animation Workshop, or about 500 square meters of stations and studios overflowing with creativity and passionate work.

Most of this space is a large common work area where our users each have their own little workspace, but it also includes a number of smaller studio/office spaces, as well as a stop-motion/green screen studio.

Other notable areas are the Open Workshop kitchen and chill-out room, where all artists meet and eat together, and hopefully play some music! The existence of this space and the freedom to use it is a very important element within the general philosophy of The Animation Workshop.

Finally, Open Workshop residents have access to all of The Animation Workshop’s after-school activities and special events.