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TDA Portfolio

Focus on your portfolio
TDA Portfolio is a ten-week long supplement course to TDA Classical. The course is designed to give the students the best preparation possible for applying to one of the bachelor educations of The Animation Workshop while they are working on their portfolios. This will happen through a mix of workshops, project work, individual portfolio guidance and lectures - all of which will help the students in managing the transition from classical drawing to a more animation and comic related style of drawing.

The course will also give students a broader perspective on visual culture. Some of the workshops in the course are relevant for applicants to all three educations (CA, CG and GS), while others are only relevant for one of them. Therefore some weeks the whole group will be taught together, while other weeks several things are taking place simultaneously, giving the students the opportunity to choose the workshop that is most relevant for the education that they are applying for. In many cases the students will be able to use drawings made in the course workshops directly in their portfolios because all workshops are on topics relevant for the portfolios like character design, storyboard, perspective and similar.

Shortly before deadline, individual portfolio guidance will be offered instead of actual teaching since at this point the students will have different needs and areas of focus depending on what they need to finish or improve in their portfolio.

Drawing is the foundation
TDA Portfolio is for students who already have good classical drawing skills. While they are not expected to be fully accomplished craftsmen, a certain training in life drawing is required along with practical knowledge of human anatomy and understanding of movement. This foundation is necessary for being able to work creatively with designing characters and backgrounds, creating comics and storyboards etc. Drawing from life is integrated in the course; every Friday is dedicated to drawing exercises such as gesture drawing and similar and of course the students of TDA Portfolio have access to The Animation Workshop’s soft value program including open life drawing sessions two evenings every week.

Last but not least lectures on art, film, and comics are an important part of the curriculum since a broad awareness of visual culture makes it easier to create a great portfolio.
All applicants to TDA Portfolio have to submit a small portfolio demonstrating sufficient drawing skills. Please read more under "Application and admission".


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