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"To me, The Drawing Academy is the foundation I've built my carreer on. I learned a lot about observation as well as the discipline it takes to turn your hobby into your job, and I learned a bunch about myself as well."

Frederik Villumsen, Nřrlum
TDA Architecture, The Drawing Academy's semester course in architectural drawing, is a 19 week intensive training programme highlighted with a study trip to Italy and workshops with guest lecturers and talks related to the architectural profession. The course is completed with an optional four-week programme, as preparation for admission tests at architecture academies in Denmark and beyond. To students with no aim of applying for an architectural education, the semester course is completed in mid-November, along with the culmination of the main drawing programme.
Drawing is an exceptional tool for communication. In the architectural design process it is an important skill, especially in the initial idea generation phase, to develop ideas and for communicating them to others. Moreover, the practice of drawing expands and develops the understanding of space, form and light. TDA Architecture takes into consideration a student’s individual level of drawing skill, and as such, each student is effectively challenged and advances at their individual rate.
This semester long course is relevant to all who wish to improve their understanding, drawing and communication of form and space. The entire programme is useful in preparation for the admission tests of architectural academies in Denmark and beyond. No pre-requisites are required to attend the semester course at The Drawing Academy.


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Long Study Drawing 1 min film

Mads Peter Brandstrup Speed Drawing
Mads Peter Brandstrup Speed Drawing