ASF is a creative animation production lab where special focus is given to the development of new topics and innovative genres and contents for animation projects, and to the research for corresponding new styles and formats.

Students are welcome, though not obliged, to come to the workshop with their own project ideas, which will be given time and space in the overall programme for development under the supervision animation producers and directors, from concept through the production bible all the way to pitching. At the end of the Gobelins module and of the whole programme in Paris, those students who choose to do so will get the chance to pitch their projects before a panel of renowned European animation producers.

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

New ideas for changing formats and markets
The German animation market

  • 360° content - one world, many stories
  • Finding ideas for animation-based concepts
  • Financing animation
  • Teambuilding
  • Case studies: Studios and companies in and around Ludwigsburg

Special feature: Improvisation theatre - a new way of finding ideas!


Design, style and approach
The Eastern European animation market

  • Finding the right design/timing/animation style to fit a story
  • Low-tech innovation for animated content
  • Sound design and music
  • Working with voice actors
  • Presentation techniques

Special feature: All the animation traps - learn how to set some up rather than get caught yourself

The Animation Workshop

The production bible, financing and distribution
The Danish and Nordic animation markets

  • European animation market overview
  • Financing, funding bodies
  • European co-productions (including role playing)
  • Planning, budgeting, scheduling
  • Creative project-based workshops with producers
  • Director’s/producer’s statement of intent and pitching practice

Special feature: feature film co-productions in Denmark, director/producer case studies

Gobelins, l’école de l’image

Production management, the producer pitch
The French animation market

  • Choosing the right tools and production pipeline
  • Multiplatform production and marketing solutions
  • Legal issues and intellectual property
  • Editorial choices by British and European broadcasters, distributors and publishers
  • Creative project-based workshops with producers
  • Student project pitches their before a panel of renowned European animation producers

Special feature: pitching at Cartoon Forum or Cartoon Movie, director/producer case studies and studio tours