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Graphic Storytelling Programme

Do you dream of working as a comic book creator?

Graphic Storytelling is a four year-long study program for people wishing to learn how to create graphic stories and universes at the highest level. New students are accepted every two years - next application round is 2017.

The program teaches you everything that goes into creating great works of visual fiction (as in comics) - world building, writing, drawing, sequential storytelling - as well as branching out into related fields like illustration, story boarding, concept art, backgrounds, etc. Furthermore, you will learn about working as a freelancer and starting up your own company focusing on graphic storytelling.

The first year of the programme mainly consists of the craftsmanship- and art-related subjects, like drawing and sequential storytelling. They are the most fundamental subjects, therefore they will continue through the first three years of the programme. At the second year of the education the more advanced subjects like production techniques and entrepreneurship will be taught. The third year of the programme contains the optional subjects and the fourth and last year the internship and Bachelor’s project.

The Graphic Storytelling programme is a talent based education, which means that you have to demonstrate your skill level and potential in your portfolio. You may find the general admission criteria and procedure here.