William Bang, TDA PortolioWilliam Bang, TDA Portolio

Course content

TDA Portfolio consists of a series of workshops on themes that are relevant for applicants to the bachelor educations in Character Design, Computer Graphic Arts and Graphic Storytelling at The Animation Workshop.

This includes workshops on following themes:
  • Storytelling and storyboard
  • Character design
  • Drawing – gesture drawing, short studies, perspective etc.
  • Comic language/writing
  • Drama
  • Background design
  • World Building

Shortly before the portfolio deadline there will be individual portfolio guidance rather than workshops in order to give each student time to work on whatever is needed in their portfolio.

Please note that some of the workshops mentioned above will take place simultaneously as during some weeks different workshops are planned for GS-applicants, CG-applicants and CA-applicants. But two workshops that are relevant for the same education will not take place at the same time.

Fridays are dedicated to life drawing and talks on art, film and comics. Teaching takes place Monday to Friday, all days from 9am to 3pm.

The students will mainly be working with analogue drawing materials but in some workshops the students will have the opportunity to work digitally, if they have their own computer equipment. While many students may want to create part of their portfolio digitally, except for a few computers for scanning etc. in the common areas, the school is not providing computers for the students in TDA Portfolio. Bringing a computer and a Wacom tablet is recommended but in no way mandatory.