Course content

Two parts
TDA Architecture consists of two separate parts: First part, which takes place from August to mid- November, focus on the practice of drawing. This part is relevant both to young people, dreaming of becoming architects as well as established professionals, architects, construction planners, crafts persons and anyone who wishes to better understand, draw, and communicate form and space. The second part is designed to aid students who want to prepare themselves before applying at an academy of architecture. The semester course is for all, with no regard of previous drawing skills or experiences. All students start their training based on their current skill level.

First part- Drawing
At The Drawing Academy, we approach drawing as a craft. You will be trained to draw using specific drawing methods and approaches, inspired by the great masters of the renaissance and baroque period, but attuned towards contemporary architectural representation styles. In both cases, at the epicentre is a basic understanding of space, perspective, and construction in drawing - just as it is in training at TDA Architecture. Here, through observational drawing of objects, buildings, and environments, students train perception and understanding and the ability to construct form and to represent them through fast sketching and longer, more detailed studies. Understanding drawing is a prerequisite of working with light and tone, which is also part of the training at TDA Architecture. Exercises in observational drawing are contrasted with assignments that prime your ability to imagine and produce your own motifs and designs.

The students will be trained in the following fundamental elements of drawing:
• Space and spaciousness
• Form and shape
• Observation
• Perspective drawing
• Composition
• Proportion and scale
• Light and shadow
• Construction and volume

In addition, a number of interesting activities are planned:
• A study trip to Italy, with a focus on drawing and architectural history
• Guest teachers and architecture talks
• Excursions
• Introduction to materials and the craft of architectural model making

Second Part - Preparation of the admission tests at the architectural academies
The second part is focused on preparing students for the admission tests of architectural academies. The students are introduced to the methods of the architectural profession. The students will be trained to develop ideas and creative responses to architectural challenges and issues. Drawing and model making are applied as creative tools in the processes of idea generation and concept development.

The students will be trained in:
• Working within a specific challenge and framework
• Clear communication of ideas and concepts
• Expressing essence of vision and core value of a solution
• Generating a spatial narrative and storyline
• Materials and architectural model making

The students will learn to draw using different materials, enabling him or her to create various expressions. Material costs are included in the overall course fee.
Daily Schedule
Monday-Thursday: 9 am - 3 pm
Friday: 9 am - 12 am.
Students should allocate time to work and prepare assignments outside the daily schedule.

Additional activities
Students at The Drawing Academy are invited to take part in the study environment of The Animation Workshop, an encompassing social and professional environment that cultivates widespread international networks and connections.
The students will gain access to many additional activities, ranging from inspiring lectures from artists, illustrators and animators, croquis classes, sports and social events. All this takes place outside the daily schedule.
The additional activities are most often free of charge and without pre-registration.