Character Animation

The Character Animation (CA) program focuses primarily on the theory and practice behind making a character move and come to life. Each year focuses on a progressively more intense curriculum that guides students on the path toward mastery of both 2D and 3D character animation and provides experience with other industry techniques.

First year
The Character Animation program begins with traditional exercises using pencil and paper that allow the students to explore the basics of drawing for animation before progressing to a more physics based focus that allows students to work with acting scenes. Once the basics by hand are grasped, the students transition to digital animation and begin using programs like TVPaint™, Adobe® Flash® and After Effects®. They also participate in a wide variety of industry related courses like layout, character design and storyboarding.

The CA students also undertake short productions at various points during the year both with the Computer Graphic Arts (CGA) students and Animation Direction students from La Poudričre. These collaborations give the students their first experience with essential production skills in communication, teamwork and project completion.

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Second year
During the second year, the students take their 2D animation skills into the 3D platform using Maya® and experience animation from another perspective. The students also encounter other aspects of a 3D workflow such as basic modeling, rigging, lighting and rendering. They work on several projects in collaboration with the CGA students, like the Commercial Project (link?) and Project Q in order to provide an in-depth understanding of working with diverse groups of people in a production setting.

Near the end of the second year, students take classes in preparation for idea development for their bachelor projects. These classes may include script and story development, cinematography, film analysis and pitch presentation.

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Third year
Third year students from the CA and CGA programs come together to form production teams to create their bachelor projects which may include films, games or other creative ventures. The teams collaborate to plan and manage the complex project and learn the importance of adhering to deadlines. These productions allow the students to specialize in a particular area of interest as they contribute to the overall team dynamic, preparing them for the demands of the job market.

The Character Animation students also produce the animation for the mid-way and graduation film projects of the Animation Direction students at the National Film School of Denmark giving them additional experience working with a director on a high quality film production.

Furthermore, the third year students compile their portfolios and showreels, guided by the staff and teachers, to highlight their skills as they apply for internships and target the jobs of their choice.

Fourth year
The students participate in a three month internship in a production studio during their final semester in order to establish themselves in the professional work environment. The Animation Workshop staff assists with the process of finding and selecting internships. Some of the studios our students have interned at include:

A. Film, Denmark
Mac Guff Ligne, France
Cartoon Network, UK
Folimage, France
Team To, France
IO Interactive, Denmark
Double Fine Productions, USA
Telltale Games, USA Cartoon Saloon, Ireland
Copenhagen Bombay, Denmark
Zinkia, Spain
Ghost, Denmark
• Grin, Sweden
Fabulab, Denmark
Framestore, Island and UK
Aardman, UK
Monk Studio, Thailand

Upon completion of the internship, the students return to Viborg to prepare for exams and graduation. Exams are conducted by production supervisors and professional industry censors and include an oral examination based on their bachelor projects and written theses.

During the month of January, prior to graduation, The Animation Workshop also arranges recruitment sessions with companies who may be hiring. Companies give briefings about their respective organizations and show their current and developing productions. They have the opportunity to meet the students and view their work. A graduation ceremony and screening of the bachelor project completes the education.

CA 1st Year Reel 2015-2016

Showreel Mid-year
Showreel Mid-year

CA 1st year end year reel 2015-2016

CA End-year Showreel
CA End-year Showreel

CA 2nd Year Reel 2014-2015

Ca 2nd year showreel
Ca 2nd year showreel