Target Groups & Project Types

Who can apply?
In principle - Everyone!
The Open Workshop’s 4 main target users, which are intentionally mixed together within our facilities, are the following:
  • Pre-graduate young talents (approx. ages 16 to 22) applying to test/develop their skills before applying to an artistic education (portfolios or animation tests, storyboard competitions, etc.).
  • Post-graduate young talents (approx.. ages 22 to 28) applying to polish their skills or make a first personal project as new professionals (low budget short films and music videos, show reels, short non-commercial commissioned films, etc.).
  • Professionals (approx. ages 28 and up) applying to take a break from the industry to make a personal project (short films and music videos, development for features or TV shows, graphic novels, books, etc.).
  • Young Danish studios applying for financial support to develop projects before or in connection to applying for development and production support from local, regional and state funds. In certain cases the Open Workshop also hosts part of the production on such projects.

  • The reason for mixing the first 3 quite different target users is that while all work in the same space together, each resident artist learns from all of the others, whatever their level of experience, and often ends up working with many of them on a multitude of different projects. Also the more experienced residents can earn a little cash by consulting for the younger residents and others film projects around the school.

    Furthermore, The Open Workshop’s main target public is young Danish talents, however we always welcome certain more confirmed international artists and projects as well, to which we match younger Danish artists in order to create an international environment akin to that of the animation industry, and to plant the seeds of future international and European collaborations and hopefully co-productions.

    What types of projects does Open Workshop support?
    The Open Workshop is interested in supporting any kind of animation-related project using any media and any format, as long as the stories/concepts and designs are strong.

    Projects supported and hosted by the Open Workshop include:
    • Portfolio creation and animation tests
    • Short films, trailers, and music videos
    • Documentary animation
    • Graphic novels, comics including online/interactive
    • Art books
    • Childrens' books
    • Cross-media properties
    • Games for all platforms, iPad apps etc.
    • Installations, exhibitions
    • Cross-artistic projects/shows/theatre plays/concerts
    • Compositing on live action films
    • Development on feature films, TV shows, games, cross-media intellectual properties and any of the above types of projects

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