Evaluation Procedure & Criteria

Evaluation procedure
You will receive an automatic e-mail from the Open Workshop staff when the application form has been submitted and received.

The processing time from the application deadline is approximately 4-5 weeks:

Week 1: Application.
Deadline for applications.
Registration and reading of the applications.
If the application contains insufficient information, the applicant will be asked to provide additional info as quickly as possible

Week 2: First processing round.
Selection of projects that either continue to the next round or are rejected.
Applications and the attached material are prepared for the consultant’s review.

Week 3: Second processing round - Consultant review.
The consultant receives the applications and reviews them. This will result in an artistic evaluation of the project and form the basis of the decision.

Weeks 4-5: Administration and reply.
OW staff plan for the coming residents and allocates workstations. Replies are sent out with approval or rejection to applicants via email and will contain a written explanation for the decision.

Evaluation criteria
Since OW accepts projects in different stages of the development and production, the selection criteria depend on the specific project. OW’s consultant and staff perform a qualitative analysis and assessment of both the applicant and the project, and evaluation parameters include:

  • The story. In some cases the OW artist’s wish is to present other technical skills through the project such as modeling and texturing skills, by which the quality of the narrative becomes less significant.
  • The visual side of the project.
  • How clear and precise the description of the project is, and what the applicant wants to achieve during the residency or with the support from OW.
  • How realistic the budget and schedule are.
  • Motivation. Since animation is a lengthy process it requires a strong driving force.
  • Experience also comes into play, but OW wants to mix new talent with more experienced anima-tors, so experience is not always a prerequisite for admission.
  • Technical feasibility.

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