Application Procedure & Deadlines

Application procedure
To apply with a project to the Open Workshop, you must fill out the online application form via the link in the right hand menu on the main Apply page. There are 4 application deadlines throughout the year (see below for details). Please make sure you have all the information you need before you begin to fill it out.

Always keep in mind that the application you submit will be the only way for the consultant and OW staff to judge your project. If your application is vague, it is most likely that the consultant will not understand your idea. Be clear, specific and concise – also with practical details such as when you would like to stay at Open Workshop, for how long you would like to stay here for, which technical facilities you need for your projects, how to reach you, etc.

Annexes/additional material
You should attach any material you have that will help to describe your project. It can be artwork, scripts, character sheets, storyboards/animatics, references or whatever.

Please also attach:
- A short CV and/or a filmography (a list of the films you have made, if any). If you apply as a professional you have to include a full professional CV.
- A production schedule for your project, as detailed as possible
- A budget for your project, also as detailed as possible, as well as a financing plans if that is in place

In order to work on a project in the Open Workshop, you need to accept the contract regarding rights and credits. The contract can be found at the end of the application from. As stated, you will hold all rights to the produced material, but must credit Open Workshop in your material. By signing the conditions you accept them, and your application can then be submitted to Open Workshop.


There are 4 application deadlines throughout the year, early in:
  • February
  • May
  • August
  • November

  • Quick Support
    The quick support form can be used by artists who already are a part of the residency in Open Workshop and want to extend their stay, or by people who need short-duration support.The Quick Support form has an ongoing application deadline and can therefore be applied for at any time.

    Deadlines 2017
  • Friday 3rd February 12:00 (noon)
  • Friday 5th May 12:00 (noon)
  • Friday 4th August 12:00 (noon)
  • Friday 3rd November 12:00 (noon)

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