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Admissions Checklist

Important information!

The application to the Bachelor programmes must be submitted through www.optagelse.dk. The system is open for applications from February 1st until March 15th. Please note that you must register your application no later than March 15th at 12:00 noon (Danish time). The system closes for login at 11.45 am but will allow you to finish the application if you were logged in before then!

The following checklist will help organize your application process:

  • You must complete the application at www.optagelse.dk A comprehensive step by step guide to the online application procedure can be found here at the right side of the page.

  • Please make sure to fill in all relevant contact info, including a valid email address and your complete phone number with all area codes etc.

  • When you fill in the application, you are asked for a education number and name (“Optagelsesområdenummer"):

    50610 Bachelor of Arts in Animation: both for Computer Graphic Arts and Character Animation programs (please, remember to indicate the study line you are applying for)

    47650 Graphic Storytelling

  • Complete the Priority form

  • Along with your application, you must upload the following attachments:
    1. Qualifying exam certificatesYour certificates must not be translated at the time of the application but we may request a translation during the admissions period.
    2. Letter of intention which must contain:
    3. a) A clear statement of your study program preference: Computer Graphic Arts, Character Animation or Graphic Storytelling, and
      b) A link to your digital portfolio (portfolio requirements (portfolio requirements: Computer Graphic Arts, Character Animation, Graphic Storytelling)
    4. Language exam certificates (if applicable)
    5. Declaration of original work. You must attach a signed statement to confirm that your portfolio only contains original artwork by yourself. You can find a form to use here.
  • If you apply without NemId, you must conclude the application by printing the “følgeskrivelse” (receipt slip) with your ID number and sending it by e-mail to Katrine Frausig at kfr@via.dk



    Phone: +45 87 55 49 07

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