Test & Interviews

When does the test and interview take place?

The tests and interviews normally take place in the second half of May. The date for the current admissions round will be announced here in February 2018.

The admissions test takes three hours. You can book your interview either the same day or the day after the test. The interview will last approximately 30 minutes.

How are you invited for the test?

If you are selected for the test and interview, you will be invited to book your appointments through our online booking platform.

You do not need to bring anything for the test; all materials will be provided. You can read more about the test for the two educations below.

The admissions test for Bachelor in Animation (Character Animation and CG Arts)
For Character Animation and CG Arts applicants, the admissions test consists of a short individual drawing test, followed by a two-hour workshop. The workshop focuses on your collaboration and communication skills.

Bachelor in Graphic Storytelling: Admissions test
For Graphic Storytelling applicants, there will be a three-hour individual drawing and storytelling test.

Admissions interview
Our purpose with the interview is to get to know our applicants. We are especially interested in your motivations and goals, where you think your strengths lie and what you could bring to the class.

In addition to a strong portfolio, we are looking for self-reflected, diligent and curious students, who are eager to learn and open to collaborate in a shared responsibility environment. Applicants to Character Animation and CG Arts should also exhibit leadership qualities.

Test and interview for applicants living outside Denmark

We highly encourage you to try to attend the test and interview in person, even if you live outside Denmark. Normally, our current students offer to accommodate our applicants for 1 or 2 nights; this will reduce your travel costs significantly.

However, if it is not possible for you to come to Viborg for the test, you have the option of doing the test via email and the interview via Skype. In this case, we will email the test to you, and you will have three hours to complete the test, scan it and email it back.

Drawing test long distance
The Character Animation and CG Arts tests focus on drawing skills, knowledge and use of character posing and gestures, composition and design theory to support a chosen genre and tone.

The Graphic Storytelling test focuses on drawing skills, idea creation and visual storytelling.

Interview long distance
The interview will take place within the same week, following the test. You must have a reliable network and camera for the interview.


The results of the test and interview will be sent out through VIAs Admissions portal 2-3 weeks after the tests.