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Exchange students

Applicants who wish to exchange from another university to a bachelor’s degree program at The Animation Workshop must apply to the educations with a portfolio which shows a representation of the key subjects in the drawing portfolio requirements, Character Animation, Computer Graphic Arts, Graphic Storytelling, of an incoming freshman. In addition, exchange applicants should include animation or computer graphics work, depending on which program you wish to join, showing a skill set which is comparable to a first year reel (CA Reel, CG Reel) for application to the second year, and a second year reel (CA Reel, CG Reel) for application to the third year.
The deadline for exchange applications for the fall term are also March 15th at 12:00pm Danish time. Applications for the spring term are November 1st.

Exchange applicants do not apply through KOT. Instead, you must fill out this form and send the form and a letter of intention including a link to a digital portfolio to: