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Welcome to The Animation Workshop

"One of the most dedicated animation institutions in the world"

The Animation Workshop enjoys a strong and wide reputation due to the top educations we provide for the international film industry, yet we are much more than a school. The Animation Workshop is an international centre of knowledge and development for animation (and related) professions and businesses.

We strive to make the best foundation for specialised educations and courses in animation, and we are also dedicated to the development of all aspects of the profession – both artistically and commercially.

The Animation Workshop - a part of VIA University College - is always defined by the talent of the people studying and working within its walls. Talent and craft have absolute focus. It is our job to create the best thinkable social settings, production facilities and information for development and production.

On our website you can find and search between our different educations and courses. You can get lost in a vast amount of wonderful artwork and films from students and professional artists. You have access to a portal of information relating the local, regional, national and international film and media business. You can find access to our Danish and international partners and their programs. You can discover our artist residency programme for young animation talents, artists and professionals, the Open Workshop.

We hope you will be able to see the possibilities for yourself.

Morten Thorning
General Director
The Animation Workshop