kyoto 2016
kyoto 2016
12-day program in Japan

Kyoto Inspiration 2016

Travel to Kyoto and experience how the city’s traditional culture has provided inspiration for innovations in Japan’s popular media and arts, both past and present. The 12-day program, Kyoto Inspiration, runs from July 4th through July 15th, 2016. During the stay, you will attend lectures by experts on Kyoto culture and go on field trips to, among other places, the Manga Museum and the Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine. The deadline is May 10th. Current students and graduates can apply. More info

Curriculum Coordinator

The Animation Workshop is looking to hire a coordinator for their Animation programme (Bachelor of Arts in Animation - CG Arts focus).

The main tasks
  • to coordinate international and national visiting teachers
  • to oversee the continuity and the development of the students.
  • to oversee the ongoing development of the curriculum with the coordination team and the network of consultants.
  • to document activities and facilitate the information flow
  • participate in planning and solving various tasks within the Bachelor department.
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tda teaser
tda teaser
Spend the Fall learning classical drawing

TDA Fall Semester

Learn to approach drawing as a craft with reference to baroque and renaissance masters like da Vinci and Michelangelo. You will be trained in the ability to draw the human body - and the world around it - in different ways, that will help you in the process of learning to draw exactly what you want.

Read more about he course and admission here