Teaching methods

"Jeg anbefaler varmt The Animation Workshop og dets værdier. Det giver dig gode værktøjer til at være kreativ."

Anders, karakteranimationstuderende
The individual as the centre
At the Animation Workshop, VIA Univeristy College we look at each of our students as individuals and meet them where they are currently in their professional development, assessing their current skill level, unique talents, ambitions and personal goals. It is our goal that we can together help guide them through the proceeding step on their path with clear constructive feedback, leading them to a level to be ready to meet their ultimate professional goal.

Educational philosophy
It is our position that it takes a well-rounded individual to be ready to meet the ever changing evolution of this profession and the world. Therefore we strive not only to enable our students to cultivate the technical and artistic skills they need, but also to develop themselves personally, to know their values and how to live with integrity to cultivate the professional life they desire. Developing strong communication, presentation and interpersonal collaboration skills are keys to success we hope to install in our students throughout their time here. We encourage our students to find the best in each other and in themselves, since we tend to find what we seek.

Furthermore, it is a basic foundation of our philosophy that the school is built upon the experiences and initiatives of every member. Using the methods of deep democracy, it is our goal to forge a dynamic environment, which is in continuous development based on the changes in the industry and the interest of the current populace. Staff, teachers, students come together on an equal page to cultivate the curriculum, as well as the social and physical environment, each individual having the opportunity to contribute and therefore engaging not only as a user but also as an active member of the community.

We expect our students to take responsibility for their education and engage their own potential. The program underlines the importance of professionalism and constructive critique in the educational setting. These skills are particularly essential for the team environment that characterizes most productions in the industry.

Team spirit
Effective communication, flexibility, an open-minded approach to creation and collaboration, and a commitment to lifelong learning are all indispensable concepts for the working life in the animation industry.